Vapor Intrusion Forum Series

Vapor intrusion at sites contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has emerged as a key challenge for communities. Minnesota Brownfields presented a 2-part series examining vapor intrusion from all professional perspectives. Learn about the latest technical and due diligence issues, and expect to come away from these sessions with strategies for “surprise-free” redevelopment. 

Program Agenda
Part I
Sandeep Burman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
James Kelly, Minnesota Department of Health
Margaret Knowlton, Opus Group
Hans Neve, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Julie Kadrie, Minnesota Department of Health; and Cathy Undem, Dakota County
Sara Peterson, Parkway Law; Rick Kubler, Gray Plant Mooty
Mary Sands, Barr Engineering ;Bill Neuendorf, City of Edina
Part II 
Mike Beck & Jackie Dylla, Braun Intertec; Brian Kamnikar, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Tim Grape, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Curt Gunsbury, Solhem; Shanna Schmitt, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; & David Vieau, Vieau Associates
Tom Higgins, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Josh Kerber, Minnesota Department of Health
Hans Neve, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; David Jones, Minnesota Department of Health
Sara Ramsden & Julie Sullivan, Barr Engineering
Eric Tollefsrud, Geosyntec
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