Soil Reuse Study Report

We’re pleased to share results from a 24-month study evaluating the potential for cost savings associated with the off-site reuse of soil at brownfield sites and the legal framework surrounding soil reuse. Study objectives were to:

  • Gather site-specific data on soil-reuse activities, costs, and driving and limiting factors for soil reuse in Minnesota.
  • Examine and quantify the economic impacts of off-site soil disposal versus off-site soil reuse for marginally contaminated soil.
  • Examine and quantify environmental impacts of off-site soil disposal versus off-site soil reuse.
  • Summarize the regulatory and statutory evolution and current policy status of off-site soil reuse in Minnesota.
  • Define the barriers to off-site soil reuse in Minnesota, both in practical application and policy.
  • Recommend solutions to encourage and increase off-site reuse of marginally contaminated soil.

Read the Report Summary (11 page PDF, 330KB)
Read the Report + Appendices (64 pages, 2.4MB)

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