EPA Area-Wide Planning Grant


EPA Brownfields area-wide planning (BF AWP) is a federal grant program which provides funding to conduct activities that will enable the recipient to develop an area-wide plan (including plan implementation strategies) for assessing, cleaning up and reusing catalyst/high priority brownfield sites. Funding is directed to a specific project area, such as a neighborhood, downtown district, local commercial corridor, old industrial corridor, community waterfront or city block, affected by a single large or multiple brownfield sites. EPA currently offers the BF AWP grant funding opportunity every other year, as funding is available.

The BF AWP Program is consistent with the principles under the partnership for sustainable communities (PSC) among the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and EPA. The partnership was conceived to advance coordinated infrastructure investment to improve economic prosperity and build healthy, environmentally sustainable, and opportunity-rich communities for all Americans, regardless of race or income.

Recognizing the fundamental role that public investment plays in achieving these outcomes, the Administration charged three agencies whose programs impact the physical form of communities—HUD, DOT, and EPA—to coordinate and incorporate the livability principles into their policies and funding programs to the maximum degree possible. The livability principles can be found at www.sustainablecommunities.gov and include: (1) providing more transportation choices, (2) promoting equitable, affordable housing, (3) increasing economic competitiveness, (4) supporting existing communities, (5) leveraging federal investment, and (6) valuing communities and neighborhoods.

Reaching out to and coordinating with HUD, DOT, EPA programs and other federal and non-federal partners is highly encouraged throughout the BF AWP process.