DEED Redevelopment Grant Program

The Redevelopment Grant Program helps communities with the costs of redeveloping blighted industrial, residential, or commercial sites and putting land back into productive use.

Grants pay up to half of redevelopment costs for a qualifying site, with a 50-percent local match. Eligible applicants are cities, counties, port authorities, housing and redevelopment authorities, and economic development authorities.

Grants can pay for land acquisition, demolition, infrastructure improvements, soil stabilization when in-fill is required, ponding or other environmental infrastructure and adaptive reuse of buildings, including remedial activities at sites where a subsequent redevelopment will occur.

At least half of the grant money will be awarded to sites located outside of the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area, given that a sufficient number of eligible applications are received from outstate applicants

Note: The program is currently unfunded. If the legislature provides more funding in the future, information will be available on DEED’s website.