Dakota County Redevelopment Incentive Grant


The Redevelopment Planning Grant funding is restricted to activities directly related to a redevelopment project (e.g., market analysis, concept development, site design, zoning studies, engineering studies, and environmental studies) to be developed as part of a Redevelopment Plan, as defined above. Redevelopment Planning Grants may be used to fund activities that are required to establish a Redevelopment Plan. As such, the Redevelopment Plan is not required to be in place to be eligible for a Redevelopment Planning Grant, so long as the Redevelopment Planning Grant is intended to be used to assist in the development of a Redevelopment Plan. The application must meet the following threshold criteria to be scored:

Application must be approved by the respective city council.

There must be a minimum leverage rate of 1 to 1 ($1 of other funds for every $1 of Redevelopment Planning Grant).

The city must be supportive of affordable housing and the CDA’s mission.

A resolution containing the following required provision must be adopted by the city: the City is supportive of affordable housing and of the CDA’s mission, to improve the lives of Dakota County residents through affordable housing and community development.