Towerside District Stormwater System
Project Location: Fourth Street SE and 29th Avenue SE Minneapolis, MN
Nominated by: Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and Barr Engineering Co.

Nestled at the corner of Fourth Street SE and 29th Avenue SE in Minneapolis is the innovative new Towerside District Stormwater System. The system includes a first-of-its-kind district stormwater agreement between four private landowners. The system collects storm water runoff from six development parcels totaling eight acres, conveying that runoff into two biofiltration basins for treatment, storage, and reuse on nearby development sites and community garden.

To realize success, the district water system had the unique challenge of trying to coordinate remediation and construction efforts with four distinct property owners. Environmental site assessments of the area identified numerous soil contaminants and storage tanks, both above and below ground. Extensive coordination between property owners, the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, the City of Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, and a local neighborhood organization resulted in site remediation and the creation of clean utility corridors around the system.

The Towerside District Stormwater System is only the first of more extensive district systems envisioned. The agreement made with property owners makes it possible to manage stormwater for future development jointly and reduce each individual property owners’ expense, while also unencumbering a portion of their property to allow more flexibility for development and reducing surface and groundwater pollution. It is a perfect system to catalyze similarly minded development in the rapidly developing Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Project Financing:

  • Private Capital/Equity: $273,000
  • Met Council: $50,000
  • Hennepin County: $80,000
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization: $1,077,000

Project Partners:

  • Aeon
  • City of Minneapolis
  • The Cornerstone Group
  • Harlem Irving Companies
  • Hennepin County
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
  • Prospect Park Properties
  • Prospect North Partnership
  • Towerside – MSP Innovation District
  • University of Minnesota
  • Prospect Park 2020