The Grove Apartments

Location: 1521 1st Ave N, Moorhead, MN 56560

Nominated by: Braun lntertec Corporation

The Grove Apartments are three four-story buildings with 135 units, featuring modern designer finishes, a heated attached parking garage and a variety of other amenities. The development is located in the east gateway entrance area of the City of Moorhead.

The property has an extended environmental history dating back to the late 1800s. Formerly, the property served as a railroad, an auto repair and salvage yard, and a manufacturing site. It was a vacant lot since 2011 and prior to that, buildings sat empty for several years, and had been underutilized for decades. At one time, the MPCA coined the property a “prospective Superfund site,” if not cleaned up. Although the City of Moorhead has limited “green land” available for development, the environmental encumbrances associated with the property held back its redevelopment, and consequently the redevelopment of nearby sites. Since 2000, Moorhead has been persistent in its efforts to revitalize these sites, including undertaking investigations, acquiring land, demolishing structures, and improving infrastructure.

Remediation of the site involved the removal of 10,800 tons of chlorinated soil and 4,900 tons of petroleum impacted soil. Less-impacted soil was reused on-site in berms and under pavement. The removal of contaminated soil will also protect groundwater and its eventual discharge into the Red River. Active soil vapor mitigation systems were installed beneath the newly constructed buildings.

The property will generate an estimated 245 thousand dollars in taxes annually, as compared the prior value of just over 1,000 dollars. Further, acting as a local pioneer, since The Grove Apartments project began redevelopment in 2016, eight new redevelopments have been initiated in the area, totaling an additional $18 million in investment. Additionally, the City of Moorhead has benefited from housing opportunities, new employment opportunities, and increased spending at local businesses.

Project Financing

  • $14,50,000 – Private Capital of Dale Buchholz Construction
  • $50,000 – Environmental Protection Agency Investigation Grant
  • $903,636 – MN DEED Contamination Cleanup Grant
  • $896,364 – City Tax Increment Financing

Project Partners

  • Dale Buchholz Construction (Developer)
  • City of Moorhead (Land assemblage/Project sponsor)
  • MPCA (Environmental Regulatory Oversight)
  • MN DEED (Contamination Cleanup Grant)
  • Federal EPA (Investigation Grant)
  • Braun Intertec (Environmental and geotechnical services)
  • Landwehr construction (General Contractor)
  • Rhet Fiskness Architect (Architect)
  • Sandman Construction (Structural engineering)
  • MBN Engineering (Civil planning)