Richfield Lake Amphitheater

Location: Lyndale Avenue South, Richfield, MN 55423

Nominated by: Landmark Environmental, LLC

The site is a community green space along Richfield Lake with a concrete open air amphitheater and other amenities, such as an outdoor pizza oven and patio, permanent outdoor musical instruments, a trail head connection, and a pedestrian bridge joining a nature preserve. Prior to remediation, the site was undeveloped and contaminated from a spill of 25 tons of lawn fertilizer and pesticides, due to a fire. Investigations also revealed an unpermitted dump on the site. Various contamination was identified, including demolition waste, asbestos containing materials, and other debris. In addition, the lake was not visible from the property because of scrub trees, and therefore not accessible to the community.

Over 3,500 tons of contaminated and debris-laden soil was removed from the site, which included over 1,100 tons more than had been planned. Approximately 1,900 tons of soil was reused on-site, and clean fill was imported. Due to the cost-prohibitive evacuation of the excessive amount of non-contaminated debris-soil, the parties agreed to remove two feet of soil rather than the standard four feet – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars that had not been budgeted. Since the project site includes shoreline for Richfield Lake, steps were also taken to protect the shoreline.

The Richfield Lake Amphitheater site has brought the community together for very successful musical concerts and is a beautiful greenspace for people to enjoy. A participative design and planning process with dozens of meetings with community members led to the creation of on-site art and a mural that lines the newly built amphitheater seats. Additionally, green space within the project site has been allowed to grow as a natural area with native plants – contributing to better habitat for birds and marine life. Developing the formerly blighted shoreline has also spurred development on the Lyndale Gardens property. Neighboring condominiums, apartments, and townhomes are under construction, with the benefit of the Richfield Lake Amphitheater park to anchor the community.

Project Financing

  • $773,000 – Private Capital of Lyndale Gardens, LLC’
  • $995,000 – Metropolitan Council Redevelopment Grant
  • $100,000 – City of Richfield
  • $117,438 – Hennepin County Environmental Response Fund Grant

Project Partners

  • The Cornerstone Group (Developer)
  • Lyndale Gardens, LLC (Owner/Developer)
  • Carl Bolander & Sons Co. (Earthwork and construction)
  • Landmark Environmental, LLC (Environmental consultant)
  • Braun lntertec (Geotechnical)
  • SKB Environmental (Landfill disposal)
  • Pace Analytical (Laboratory)
  • Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc. (Architecture)
  • Ecological Design (Greenspace/Community design)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (Environmental regulatory oversight)
  • Minnesota Department of Health (Health regulatory oversight)
  • City of Richfield (Funding, permitting, and applying for grants)
  • Greta McLain and Good Space Murals (Mosaic-mural)
  • Forecast Public (ArtPublic art projects)
  • Richfield Artist Resident Engagement (Public art projects)
  • Metropolitan Council (Redevelopment Grant)
  • Hennepin County (Environmental Response Fund Grant)
  • MavoSystems (Asbestos abatement contractor)