Pier B Resort

Project Location: 800 West Railroad Street, Duluth
Nominated by: Duluth Economic Development Authority

The Pier B Resort is Duluth’s largest private development on the Lake Superior waterfront since the 1960s. The project remediated and restored a two-acre slip impacted with legacy industrial contaminants. The end result is a unique, 140-room 84,500 square foot resort hotel with a restaurant, pool and conference space, boat docking area, board walks and patios with fire pits, and a one-of-a-kind pedestrian bridge connecting Pier B to Bayfront Festival Park across Slip 2.

To realize success, the project had to overcome a number of challenges, including tight space constraints, an aggressive development timetable, and multi-agency environmental coordination between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, MN Department of Natural Resources and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, as well as a State Historical Preservation review. Pier B Resort incorporated innovative solutions to the extreme site challenges, including the beneficial reuse of dredge material to cap contaminated sediment in a water-filled boat slip, while at the same time contributing to the stabilization of failing dock walls.

The Pier B project was only possible through the persistence, ingenuity, and dedication of a confident group of 100% local investors, despite risk and unknown environmental obstacles. Pier B Resort has transformed the way Duluth looks at its future waterfront development and the connectivity of public and private spaces.

Project Financing

  • Private Capital/Equity
  • Loans
  • DEED Contamination Cleanup & Redevelopment Grants
  • Tax Increment Financing

Project Partners

  • Pier B Investor Group
  • Duluth Economic Development Authority
  • City of Duluth
  • Nordic Group
  • AMI Engineering
  • Barr Engineering
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • MN Pollution Control Agency
  • MN Department of Natural Resources
  • State Historic Preservation Office


More info: http://www.pierbresort.com