Minnesota Drive Medical Campus

Project Location: 4100 Minnesota Drive, Edina, MN

Nominated by: Braun Intertec

The Minnesota Drive Medical Campus is a 70,197 square foot development featuring an ambulatory surgery center and extensive physical therapy facilities. The site also features a multi-story parking ramp. A two-story field house has space for therapeutic activities including basketball, weight lifting, dancing, and more. Two golf-simulator rooms allow for analysis and instruction, and medical-office space for prosthetics, orthotics, clinic and other users.

The site was a swamp, identified by the Department of Natural Resources as a critical habitat for Blanding Turtles, that became a landfill before being covered by a parking lot. This lead to a complex range of contaminants at the site including but not limited to explosive levels of methane gas, petroleum, DROs, GROs, several VOCs, PAHs, BAPs, Barium, several RCRA metals, lead, arsenic, asbestos, plastics, and glass. Due to its location at the edge of Edina, no utilities ran to the site.

Due to the wetland environment, soils were very poor for construction. Bedrock at the site is 200 feet down, and even 150 foot pilings were not sufficient to support their engineered loads. Kinetic testing of the pilings and was required to determine an appropriate depth for the almost 1,000 pilings across the site. In addition to these structural concerns, the project faced extensive regulatory challenges. The project was one of the first to go through the City of Edina’s approval process following new regulations to increase density. In fact, the project was initially rejected because the Planning Commission was looking for a dense urban-style development. This, combined with the contamination at the site and its designation as a critical habitat, resulted in twelve regulatory agencies and government bodies being involved in approving the project: MPCA, DEED, TBRA, MCES, MPARS, DNR, OSHA, FEMA, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, the City of Edina, the Planning Commission, and the City Council. With careful consideration for planning, environmental, and safety regulations requiring constant communication with these various agencies, remedial action was completed on the site and an ongoing operation and management plan is active.

The Drive Medical Campus brings increased access to ambulatory surgery, physical therapy, clinical space, prosthetics, orthotics, fitness, and sports rehab to the area. Stormwater management features allow the site to play an important environmental role in a sensitive habitat. This project directly brings 75 fulltime equivalent jobs in the highly-skilled, highly-paid medical field, and indirectly brings as many as 40 additional jobs to the community.

Project Financing

  • Developer Equity & Deferred Fee
  • Bremer Bank
  • Municipal TIF District
  • Municipal Grant & Fee Waiver

Project Partners

  • Frauenshuh, Inc. (Developer, Joint Venture Owner, Broker)
  • Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A. (Joint Venture Owner, Master Tenant)
  • RJM (General Contractor)
  • SRa, Inc (Architect)
  • Braun Intertec (Environmental Consultant)
  • NTI (Special Inspections and Testing Consultant)
  • ESI Engineering (Vibrations Testing Consultant)
  • City of Edina (City approving of project and physical applicant for grants)
  • MPCA (Oversight of cleanup)
  • DEED (Grant provider)
  • Met Council TBRA Program (Grant provider)
  • MCES (Permitting support)
  • MPARS (Water permitting support)
  • Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (Review and approval of stormwater plans)
  • City of Bloomington (Required approval of utility plans due to adjacency to City and discharge into shared master stormwater)
  • DNR (Oversight of project due to endangered habitats
  • OSHA (Oversight of project due to being chosen as a random compliance site)
  • FEMA (Re-classification of site from flood zone status)
  • Bremer Bank (Lender)
  • Genworth Financial (Lender for adjacent building which land was purchased from (required their approval of loss of collateral))
  • Xcel Energy (Electrical provider and Energy modeling partner)
  • Centerpoint Energy (Gas provider and Energy modeling partners)
  • Weidt Group (Energy Design Assistance and Energy modeling)
  • Mavo Systems (Asbestos assistance)
  • Pace Analytical (Sample testing)
  • Bolander and Sons (Excavation of soils)
  • Minnesota Department of Health (Emissions Control Plan review)
  • Veit (Earthwork and structural pilings)
  • Minnesota Utilities and Excavating (Earthwork and utilities)
  • Medcraft (Construction Management Assistance)
  • Westwood Services (Surveying)
  • Wells Concrete (Parking Ramp and MOB concrete construction)
  • Linco Fabrication (Structural Steel
  • Structural Steel (Waterproofing)
  • Yale Mechanical (HVAC)
  • Hunt Electric (Electrical)
  • Foundation Service Corporation (Geopiers)
  • GR Mechanical (Plumbing)
  • Northland Concrete (Cast-in-place concrete)