Downtown East

Project Location: Block 68, 69, 70, 74 and 75, Minneapolis, MN
Nominated by: Ryan Companies

The Downtown East project is like no other mixed use development in the modern history of the City of Minneapolis. Developed on the site of two large legacy printing facilities, the Bureau of Engraving and Star Tribune, the project required unique and extensive public- private partnerships. The project required the abatement and disposal of over 2,000 cubic yards of asbestos and hazardous building materials and excavation and in-state landfill disposal of over 184,121 tons of contaminated soils and debris and 92 tons of hazardous waste requiring out-of-state disposal.  The overall result is a project which is wholly integrated into the fabric of east Downtown and includes the first urban park added to the City in modern times, the 4.2 acre The Commons.

The Downtown East project is a five block, $443.3 million mixed-use development that includes 1.2 million square feet of office space in two 17-story towers owned by Wells Fargo. Over 5000 Wells Fargo employees began working in the building Spring 2016. The economic benefits are primarily measured in jobs consolidated and created by the project. Approximately 6000 jobs are anticipated for the Downtown East area. This includes jobs created and consolidated by Wells Fargo into the new Downtown East campus as well as created jobs for retail. Additional jobs will be added with the opening of the Radisson Red, now under construction and the opening of the Millwright Building also under construction and to become the new U.S. headquarters of Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Project Financing

  • Ryan Companies
  • Wells Fargo & Co
  • State of Minnesota
  • City of Minneapolis
  • MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Fundraising

Project Partners

  • City of Minneapolis
  • Ryan Companies US, Inc
  • Ryan A+E, Inc
  • MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Minnesota Sports Facility Authority
  • Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board
  • Wells Fargo & Co
  • Star Tribune Media Co
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Liesch, A Terracon Company
  • Hargreaves Associates

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