Colder Products Company Corporate Headquarters

Project Location: 2820 Cleveland Avenue North, Roseville, MN 55113

Nominated by: Ryan Companies

The 132,000 square foot Colder Products Company Corporate Headquarters provides office, laboratory, production and warehousing space for the CPC’s innovative manufacturing company. The site includes approximately 450 surface parking stalls, loading areas, storm water surface filtration basins, extensive landscaping, an employee patio, and three semi-public amenity spaces with seating, and has the potential to accommodate expansion square footage in excess of 20,000 square feet.

The site’s recent history includes repeated attempts by the City of Roseville to obtain compliance from a negligent owner. The site, visible from several major roadways, contained a blighted structure and dozens of derelict trailers presenting security and public health concerns. The previous owner was hesitant to sell the property, despite being unwilling to comply with necessary aesthetic, structural, and environmental requirements.

Soil and groundwater contamination were detected at the site, and hazardous building materials were discovered upon investigation. DRO and GRO, benzene, and arsenic were detected in the soil. DRO and VOC was detected in the groundwater. Asbestos-containing materials and non-ACM building materials including fluorescent tubes and ballasts, mercury switches, and abandoned unknown container chemicals littered the site. Demolition of existing structures was required. Backfill that met the MPCA’s unregulated fill guidelines was able to be used on site, and an additional 7,000 cubic yards of uncontaminated soil was able to be reused offsite. After excavation, segregation and proper disposition of contaminated fill, a total of 5,920 tons of contaminated soil and debris was removed.

Where there was once a hazardous eyesore, this redevelopment project has created a state of the art facility retaining and creating hundreds of jobs in the area. Stormwater management and treatment implemented by the project after 50 years of neglect on the site protects the Rice Creek Watershed including nearby Langton Lake. The lake is a popular recreation site that employees of Colder Products Company and those in surrounding developments have expanded access to, thanks to trail connections and public sidewalks on the site. Three semi-public amenity areas will help the Twin Lake redevelopment area as new high-amenity redevelopments are planned and completed.

Project Financing

  • CPC/Dover Company
  • MIF – Minnesota investment fund
  • JCF – job creation fund
  • City of Roseville TIF
  • Roseville HSS TIF
  • Ramsey Cty ERF

Project Partners

  • City of Roseville (established TIF district, planning/zoning entitlements, conducted building and fire permits & inspections)
  • Ramsey County (provided environmental response funding (ERF) to support cleanup, right-of-way permitting)
  • Department of Employment & Economic Development (provided MIF and JCF financial support to ensure job retention and creation)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (reviewed and approved environmental cleanup plans through the VIC program)
  • Rice Creek Watershed District (provided stormwater permits and approvals)
  • Ryan Companies (developer and contractor)
  • Dover Company (CPC’s parent company who provided private capital)