Artspace Hastings River Lofts

Location: 121 Tyler Street, Hastings, MN 55033

Nominated by: Braun Intertec Corporation

The Artspace Hastings River Lofts are the ultimate example of the local community collaborating with the developer to create a project that benefits and advances the local art community in Hastings. The Lofts are an affordable apartment complex that was envisioned by a local nonprofit, Artspace Projects, Inc., to create a living and working facility for local artists. Artspace Projects Inc. worked closely with the City of Hastings and the Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council to make the Lofts a reality for the community.

Sitting along the Mississippi River near downtown Hastings, the Lofts sit on what used to be an underutilized parking lot that had several prior agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses. To prepare the site for future redevelopment, over 7,200 tons of contaminated soils and debris had to be removed. Some excavated soils were re-used on the site in the green spaces. In addition, a vapor mitigation system was installed to address issues related to vapor intrusion found on site. The location along the Mississippi River also presented challenges as the shallow bedrock on site caused construction plans of underground parking to be altered to above ground parking.

The Lofts offer 37 affordable housing units and 2,200 square feet of commercial space. However, the final result of the Lofts is larger than just an apartment complex, as the Lofts include artist galleries, performance spaces, and educational rooms. Members of the community can come to the Lofts to view and experience the art displayed, as well as learn from artists. There are many regional trails and biking routes near the Lofts, which adds to the active and engaged lifestyle of the area. With its location within downtown Hastings, residents of the Lofts increase the sense of community and are engage more with existing businesses and shops in the downtown area.


Project Financing

  • $10,868,789 – Private Capital/Equity
  • $1,250,000 – Loans (Dakota County HOPE Loan and Citi First Mortgage)
  • $167,531 – Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Contamination Cleanup and Investigation Grant Program
  • $29,078 – Metropolitan Council Tax Base Revitalization Account
  • $236,891  – Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Demonstration Account
  • $26,886 – City of Hastings Tax Base Revitalization Account Match

Project Partners

  • Artspace Projects, Inc.
  • Braun Intertec Corporation
  • UrbanWorks Architecture, LLC
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • City of Hastings
  • Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council
  • Dakota County Community Development Agency
  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Loeffler Construction & Consulting
  • Carl Bolander & Sons