Categories & Descriptions

There are four categories to select from when entering your project. Please review the categories description to be sure you are entering your project in the correct category. 

You can click "next" on the application to review the questions prior to submitting. 

1. Community Impact: 

Projects achieving notable community benefits, including removing blight, project which provide an end use that benefits the community or neighborhood, provides community services or other social benefits and places a high value on community outreach and involvement.  

2. Environmental Impact: 

Projects reducing threat to human health and the environment, projects with complex or unusual investigation or remediation strategies, or projects utilizing sustainable cleanup, construction and/or end-use approaches. 

3. Economic Impact: 

Projects modeling positive economic impacts involving creating or retaining permanent jobs, increasing the tax base, attracting private investment and/or are catalysts for neighborhood/community revitalization. 

4. Innovation: 

Projects employing unique and innovative approaches to redevelopment challenges engineering, financing, legal, community outreach or other issues.