Thank you for your continued interest in the Brownfield Gap Financing Program.   Minnesota Brownfields is pleased to be the administrator of this grant program for another year.

The next round of grant funding from Hennepin County for the BGFP that Minnesota Brownfields administers opens for applications on May 1.  We look forward to receiving applications from the nonprofit organizations that you work with.  You can find the updated application form on our GAP Financing page. 

To best ensure efficient administration of the BGFP, we have updated our policies. Please review each tab of the Grant Financing program. 

There are specific requirements called-out in the document, and I ask that you carefully review.  Be sure to share the document with others within your organization that interface with the projects’ invoicing and communications.  These requirements are the result of our staff observing “disconnects” between the consultants and our staff that will be avoided by adherence to the policy document.

Minnesota Brownfields appreciates our consultant partners and the clients you serve.  Hennepin County’s BRGF has invested over $1.6 million in community projects in support of Affordable Housing, Commercial Redevelopment, Arts & Culture, Open Space, and more.  Your attention to the above-stated administrative policies will ensure that the program is administered efficiently and into our future!

Brownfields Gap Financing

The Brownfield Gap Financing Program (BGFP) provides grants to nonprofit developers for environmental assessment of property in Hennepin County through funding from the County’s Environmental Response Fund (ERF).  This fund is intended to be used for unexpected environmental issues, to prepare for a larger funding request in the County funding cycle, or to identify/clarify and, in some cases, remediate suspected environmental concerns. Minnesota Brownfields is the co-administrator of the BGFP. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and all funding decisions are made by Hennepin County. All nonprofit developers are encouraged to apply for funds. 

Typical BGFP grants are <$15,000.  Projects may apply for a maximum of $15,000 total in a 12-month span. Projects benefit the community through the development or clean-up of greenspace, recreation centers, affordable housing, education centers, community centers, and neighborhood level economic development opportunities. Information about developing brownfields for community gardens can be found here.

In 2020, the Brownfield Gap Financing Program:

Granted a total of $254,790 to to 24 projects:

 Affordable housing: 13 projects
 Youth and family services: 4 projects
 Neighborhood revitalization: 5 projects
Arts & Culture: 2 projects

Click here to view an interactive BGFP map (2013-21)

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